Praedicatores misericordiae (V): Blessed Margareta Ebner

Blessed Margareta Ebner (c. 1291 - 1351) was a Dominican nun and is counted among the Rhineland mystics, with Eckhart, Tauler and Suso among others.
She lived a profound spiritual life, centered on Christ and marked by the liturgical seasons.
She is commemorated on 20 June.

The following text is taken from her Paternoster, and speaks of God's mercy at work in us.

I ask you God, in you pure love to give us a real union with the innermost good which is yourself
and I ask you Lord, by the powerful help that you have given us in your sacred human life - with all your works of love - to let us perceive by a sweet interior movement what true heartfelt love is.

Give us Lord, the truth in which we will know and love you.

Give us, too, your boundless mercy by which we grow refined and purified from all our sins.