Praedicatores misericordiae (XII): Saint Martin of Porres

Saint Martin of Porres (Wikipedia biography) is the great patron saint of people of mixed race, and a protector of the poor and outcast, as well as an icon for those committed to the struggle for social justice.

He was himself the illegitimate child of a Spanish nobleman and a woman of African or Native American descent.
He joined the Dominicans as a cooperator brother and became renowned for his humble service and his practice of the works of mercy, both spiritual and corporal, to the point the he was named "Martin of Charity" or "Martin the Merciful".
His brothers and sisters in the Order celebrate his feast day on 3 November.

We share an excerpt from the homily of Pope John XXIII for the canonization :

Saint Martin, always obedient and inspired by his divine teacher, dealt with his brothers with that profound love which comes from pure faith and humility of spirit. He loved men because he honestly looked on them as God’s children and as his own brothers and sisters. Such was his humility that he loved them even more than himself and considered them to be better and more righteous than he was.

He excused the faults of others. He forgave the bitterest injuries, convinced that he deserved much severer punishments on account of his own sins. He tried with all his might to redeem the guilty; lovingly he comforted the sick; he provided food, clothing and medicine for the poor; he helped, as best he could, farm laborers and Negroes, as well as mulattoes, who were looked upon at that time as akin to slaves: thus he deserved to be called by the name the people gave him: ‘Martin of Charity.'”

The virtuous example and even the conversation of this saintly man exerted a powerful influence in drawing men to religion. It is remarkable how even today his influence can still come us toward the things of heaven.

(Excerpt from the homily of Pope John XXIII on the occasion of the Canonization of Saint Martin de Porres)